Not actually broken

Please do not adjust your settings. All mysterious gaps are deliberate. The sfocata site used to be where I put my music, and my blog lived on the same domain. But I just ran out of time to maintain them properly. There will be music here again sometime, once I gain control of this work/life balance thing.

In the meantime, there's a small (and pre-2007) selection of my music here...

Partial sfocata inventory

The old blog is still running in a kind of dusty stasis (and with a rather dull generic Wordpress template) in case you want to read the words I liked to use before 2011...

View from the Spaghetti Factory

If you're looking for my transcription and Tab service for guitar and other instruments (Custom Transcription)... well, er... I've taken that down as well. Sorry, this isn't going well, is it? Actually, the site was a victim of its own success, and I couldn't cope with the workload. My primary duty is to JamTrackCentral where I'm part of a team, so I've restricted the private transcribing to repeat clients only.

Among all this digital death and destruction, though, I am still properly active on Twitter... @adrianclark.